Do I Talk To Much?

This here, on this page, is my first attempt at maintaining a blog. Though hey, every one else is doing it. But it has recently occurred to me, that maybe blogs aren’t for me. I mean, sure i have lost to say, and plenty of opinions, stories and encouragements, but i usually find they fall on deaf ears, or in this case blind eyes.

I like to share what i have learnt during my sort lifetime, i don’t really consider it mine. My testament is not for my gain, but for others to enjoy. I don’t want all the things that i have discovered, and learnt, usually the hard way, to die with me. What good would that do anyone?

But of late i have decided to withdraw more from sharing my 2 cents, or even correcting some thing that may be incorrect. It usually ends up with me looking like ignorant guy who want to be apart of everything, not the guy trying to help.

My goal here is not to be selfish and withdrawn, but to make what i say count, if its not going to help, i don’t want to say it. Or even if it would help, i not going to share it unless someone asks for my advice. Although inside i am bursting like the kindy kid with the answer, i will use my self control, because 5 minutes later, i don’t care that they didn’t want me help, i have moved on.

My challenge to myself and you if you do somehow find yourself reading this. is to make your word count. Get you bible and read James 3



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