Welcome, our cats

February 6, 2010

This is the beginning; something short for now.

Cats? Well i prefer dogs, but i have two cats, that share my home and my bathroom, as well as my kitchen, and pretty much anything else that they want. There not that bad, i quite enjoy their company most of the time. They are both tabby cats, one female butter scotch long hair and one male grey short hair; Echo and Chad.

My wife and I got them from the pound the week before Christmas, as a gift for ourselves. You know as responsibility training. Turns out that they love me and fear Hayley, she never did anything, they just prefer my lap. They will crawl across her to get to me, this is secretly flattering, but then again they are just cats. I let her do all the nice things for them and they continually thank me.

These cats do get their fair share of discipline though. They like to climb our table and jump across to the kitchen counter, and scout the bench for food, and kitchen ware to knock off the counter. A few weeks ago they broke the lit to our amazing rice cooker and now we cook rice like normal people, on a stove.

Echo has a habit of relieving herself next to one of the two litter boxes in the bathroom. Not sure how to stop this, we have “Urine Off”, a spray that is supposed to fend of cats from marking their territory and gets rid of the smell. It helps with the smell, but it has no effect on echo’s we problem.

Anyway, cats okay, our cats entertaining, dogs okay.

– Matt